Case Studies



Problem: Company was faced with the challenge of completing a large backlog of critical projects and providing a backup for their existing IT team.

Solution: PC Professional provides us with a  once a week Outsource to address weekly trouble tickets and works with us on key projects which will help us move to a more standardized and virtualized IT environment.


Product Procurement

Problem: Company had a challenge of being too small to be considered enterprise but too big for SMB. Because of this issue, they were not able to get the attention to detail they need for ordering hardware and software for their company.

Solution: PC Professional provided superior one on one service as a value added reseller keeping us abreast of all the new technology trends and leveraging their partnerships with our various manufacturers we use.



Problem: Owner split from his partners, wanted to move from his in-house server to the cloud.

Solution: PC Professional presented a high-value solution that not only provided a stable and redundant email and file solution through Office 365, they showed me how to use Sharepoint Online as a value added tool for our customers.


Managed Services

Problem: Needed printer maintenance and printer repair services regularly

Solution: PC Professional purchased the hardware that would best suit the company’s needs and installed them.PC Professional also developed a scheduled maintenance that would work best with the clients work flow, including guaranteed next day onsite response, quarterly preventative maintenance onsite for all printers, updated inventory at the beginning and ending of contract of agency units.  PC Professional also saved the company money by including all needed parts, including maintenance kits, in the 2-year contract.


Network Security

Problem: Company had an aging infrastructure with little to no file redundancy and lack of control with employees accessing non work related internet sites.

Solution: PC Professional built a new client server infrastructure to allow for centralized file storage with secure backups meeting required HIPPA standards. In addition PC Professional provided a  next generation firewall solution that locked down certain internet sites which helped increase productivity while lowering security threats.