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Here’s To Another Successful Year!



Over the past year we’ve seen many changes in our tech industry. Companies continue to develop applications enabling access to important information across new platforms and from virtually any location. Although access to data is critical for a company to stay competitive, protecting that data has been recognized as the top priority for businesses throughout the world. New attacks and breaches in security are a common occurrence in today’s environment. Malicious hackers are well skilled, relentless, and highly successful at attacking corporate and government targets.

In an effort to truly protect our client’s environment, we have invested heavily in software and innovative practices that allow our well trained technical staff to dig deep into your existing environment and recognize potential vulnerabilities in need of patches and fortification. Our goal is to identify holes in security procedure, vulnerable processes, and to verify protection on not only your personal data but workstations, servers and networking equipment. We will lock down access both internally and externally from malicious users intending to steal and wreak havoc upon your network.

The year 2014 was a very busy and successful year here at PC Professional. We continued to expand and enhance our partnerships with large manufacturers such as Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Amazon, and Dell to name a few. In addition, a major focus has been the expansion of our cloud offerings into email, data backup, disaster planning, site hosting, data storage and of course security. Our development team continues their work on expanding the use of SharePoint for work flow automation while our in-house support team expands additional services to include Help Desk, Tier 1, and Tier 2 Support.

I want to personally thank each of our valued clients for trusting in our vision and engaging with our staff this past year. Our aim will always be to focus on you, our client, to better understand your needs, and bring solutions to the table that keep you on the cutting edge of technological progress and ahead of your competition. We truly believe in our partnership and look forward to working with you in making 2015 a truly successful and prosperous year!




Dan Sanguinetti


PC Professional, Inc




Introducing vCIO Services


Enterprise needs with a small business budget, we’ve all been there. With the growing changes in the market and the need to stay ever so competitive in your industry, technology at many times is the answer. But where do you start and how do you capture your business as a whole to see where improvements can be made and more importantly where your weaknesses and vulnerabilities are? This is where PC Professional can step in and be your vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer).

CIO services are no longer the need of just large enterprises. With technology intertwined in essentially everything we do and the speed of information sharing growing at lightning speeds, you can’t be held back. Our goal at PC Professional through our vCIO service is to empower businesses to be the leader in their industry and to provide tangible strategies to achieve success through technology and innovation. No network is too small to consider a strategic IT analysis and management plan for business growth and competitiveness.

Our vCIO services include:

Quarterly Account Review

Your dedicated vCIO will sit down and prepare a detailed quarterly report that outlines all services performed the previous quarter, current business initiatives, projects in discussion, existing projects and their status as well as recommendations moving forward.

Project Management

All projects IT related will be overseen and managed by your vCIO who will have full responsibility and accountability of its success. As your single point of contact, all information including project status updates and deliverables will be owned and communicated by your vCIO.

Strategic Business Planning/Guidance

As your vCIO, the entire process of: research, decision making, planning, guidance, implementation and support will fall under our wing. From start to finish we’ll be the primary stakeholder in achieving success.

Kim Sanguinetti
PC Professional, Inc.