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Data backup is an extremely important aspect of operating a business – it doesn’t matter if your company is a small and medium business, non-profit or enterprise, users expect access to information at all times.

Data backup typically serves as the most important step in overall company data protection, many organizations don’t have an appropriate data backup plan in place.  To make matters worse, most organizations are likely to suffer a data loss, and without a proper plan or infrastructure, the results can be catastrophic.

Unfortunately, data backup is often overlooked in favor of other mission critical hardware and solutions – but data backup utilities are more affordable, easier to maintain, and no longer as cumbersome.

There is no need to wait until a power surge, natural disaster, or other unforeseen incident to cause data loss – your business needs to know what data will be stored, where, and how.  Utilizing a data archiving plan helps your company priorities data that can be stored via tape-based storage, disk-based systems, or stored in the cloud.

Is your business still using tape backup to keep information secure?  If you are still using tapes, there are some advantages if you prepare to move to a new solution:

The expense of tape backup drives, tapes and their unreliability have paved the way for new on-site data backup technologies and cloud-based storage.  However, using your current tape backup solutions can provide a reliable way to transfer data to the cloud, with ‘cloud seeding’ involving sending the backup tapes directly to a cloud vendor so information can be transferred faster and more efficiently.

Also, tapes can be used for cloud data restore projects, just in case your cloud backup providers don’t currently offer an in-cloud disaster recovery option.

Data backup technology continues to progress and with the wide adoption of cloud computing, businesses have the unique ability to backup information on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid mix of both.  Whether you need frequent redundant backups for critical information, or routine backups for less critical data, there are solutions available to help protect your business and its data.

Working closely with our partners, PC Professional can help direct your company to the best on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid solution to ensure your data is properly backed up.

If your company is looking for new data backup solutions, Barracuda Networks – a core PC Professional partner – provides free evaluations of its products, so you can gain firsthand experience of advanced backup services before making a purchase.

Data backup no longer has to be an afterthought when there is a power outage, natural disaster, or other foreseen incident – and should be a priority for all companies and organizations with valuable information that must be backed up and accessible at all times.

Choosing a new data backup service can be a confusing and complicated service, but PC Professional will gladly work with you to create a custom data backup and disaster recovery plan for your business.  PC Professional’s IT consulting services can ensure your company’s data redundancy and is properly protected whether information is stored on-prem or in the cloud.

Our team of account managers and technicians have successfully migrated current clients to safer and more robust data backup solutions – let us demonstrate our experience and knowledge of solutions for your business.