Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based solution that gives users the ability to collaborate from multiple devices, and allows users to securely store, share, organize, and access information.

SharePoint is a fairly straightforward platform for users, but SharePoint development is a complicated process that should be undertaken by technicians and developers with experience, able to develop and modify the site as needed.

Your company might initially want only one department working with SharePoint, but is scalable to adapt to additional users and departments being added to the site.  SharePoint is unique for its ability to yield in-depth search capabilities along with project schedules, client deliverables, task lists, and other productivity tools to increase productivity and employee collaboration.

Despite the initial appeal, there are major productivity concerns if SharePoint isn’t installed properly, as the platform includes desktop and mobile-optimized platforms.  In addition to working with PC Professional, SharePoint’s built-in automated maintenance control center drastically reduces the amount of downtime to your company’s core business.

Companies that lack experienced SharePoint resources, want to focus on their core business, and face high costs should consider working with PC Professional to create a custom SharePoint site.

SharePoint Benefits:

    • Cloud-based collaboration workspace for users
    • Increases productivity and efficiency
    • SharePoint can be customized and adapted to your company’s needs
    • Business intelligence and integration
    • Comprehensive team collaboration
    • Customized Web portals
    • Content management platform

SharePoint Process

Consultation: We want to hear what your company hopes to accomplish with SharePoint, while we provide feedback and ideas.  Our project manager and technician discuss your company’s needs, learn about your business, and begin to brainstorm a design.  This is an important first step and technicians will be able to offer feedback from past successful SharePoint site development and potential pitfalls that can be avoided.

Design:  Our technicians carefully work with you to create a guide and documentation for security, navigation, and other essential tasks for your company’s SharePoint site.  Each design is meant to be engaging and easy-to-use for everyone that will have access to the SharePoint portal to access, save, and share files.

Implementation:  With consultation and design completed, it’s time to build the SharePoint portal to incorporate the types of features that will drive in-office productivity.  As the new SharePoint sight is developed, you will get a better glimpse into how the portal will provide better employee engagement and increase productivity – our skilled technicians are available to answer any questions and assist users trying to operate in the new environment.

Ongoing Support: Once the project is completed, PC Professional is available to follow up and verify your SharePoint site is operating to its fullest potential.  If there are any problems, we can discuss the problem and possible solutions to limit the chance of any downtime.  This is the appropriate time to discuss adding new users, departments, and other changes your organization would like added to the SharePoint site.   

There is a lot of concern for small and medium businesses that initially roll out SharePoint but continue to grow their user base.  We’d be more than happy to work with your company to ensure SharePoint doesn’t become a burden and interfere with workplace productivity.

Microsoft recently published a series of SharePoint training courses for end users working in the new environment.

Poor design and suboptimal infrastructure leads to a snowball effect of long-term SharePoint problems, as a poor foundation makes it difficult to modify and optimize your SharePoint platform in the future.  Avoid the headaches and downtime by working with PC Professional’s skilled and knowledgeable SharePoint developers, able to customize your SharePoint site the way you want it.