Virtualization isn’t a new technological phenomenon, but has drastically matured over the past decade, and has become an important technology for businesses and corporations.

In simplest terms, virtualization is when software is operated in a virtual workplace using a ‘virtual machine.’  The virtual machines are independent and multiple versions can run on a single computer or server, which reduces the number of computers and servers that need to be purchased, installed, updated, and maintained.

Everything from a single server, multiple servers, storage, and networks can be virtualized, with configuration, scalability of applications, and computing resources allocation suddenly in your control.  When done properly, virtualization provides more streamlined management, while working with PC Professional eliminates the need of hiring and training an internal IT worker to virtualize your technologies.

Operating in a virtualized environment helps reduce IT costs, increase management efficiency, and strengthen network security, as your IT infrastructure becomes more resilient in case of an IT emergency.

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization has evolved into a business necessity at a time of slashed spending budgets and increasing IT demand.

Your company benefits from virtualization because there are fewer servers to manage – and IT staff can focus on other projects – as server inefficiency or sub-optimization are no longer of concern.

If implemented, you will have less need for on-premise servers, with application deployment increasing, performance rising, and automated IT operations also providing improved operating expenses.

Embracing properly arranged virtualization also allows your company to ‘go green’ by reducing electric consumption and physical demand for on-site servers.  Organizations are finding server virtualization to be a great way to save cost on new hardware – along with needed maintenance – as IT budgets are continually slashed.

If your company isn’t already using server virtualization on a small level, research indicates it’s only a matter of time before you begin adopting virtualization technologies.  Avoid the frustration, work with PC Professional as we provide experienced account managers and technicians ready to help determine the best steps to virtualize your company’s servers.

Desktop Virtualization

If server virtualization doesn’t offer enough benefits, there are a few noticeable reasons to embrace desktop virtualization.  Properly implemented desktop virtualization provides a stable, compatible desktop and working with PC Professional will help your business maintain a well-managed solution.

Businesses are using desktop virtualization to streamline product deployment, offering virtualized desktops to multiple offices, mobile workers on tablets and other portable devices, and providing a consistent and secure desktop-based workspace.

Instead of dealing with multiple operating systems and software licenses, desktop virtualization allows your company to manage and update information in a streamlined manner.

If you are looking to outsource your IT virtualization needs, working PC Professional provides a team of skilled technicians able to verify virtualization stability and compatibility.  PC Professional allows your business to join the other small and midsize businesses that have successfully embraced virtualization – reducing costs and increasing PC and server productivity.