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Our consulting solution provides a technology analysis of current solutions, assistance in purchasing and installing new solutions, and follow-up IT consultation to verify everything is still running properly.  PC Professional’s IT consultants are able to design, grow and implement your organization’s technology needs to offer flexibility while meeting your budget.   

IT consulting provides a cost-effective method to receive personalized IT and computer services, with the PC Professional team priding ourselves in great customer service and professionalism.  Consulting can help drive efficiency of your current infrastructure and follow-up advice is provided for new solutions that will increase return on investment and increase productivity even more.

PC Professional’s staff of trained IT consultants provides great knowledge and understanding facing organizations in today’s changing market. Whether you’re interested in migrating to the cloud or upgrading current hardware and software solutions, we’re available to guide you every step of the way.

Effective IT consulting along with PC Professional’s personal service means your organization will receive maximum business value while benefitting from our partnerships with Microsoft, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Barracuda Networks, Cisco, and other major hardware and software vendors.

Everything from an initial conversation and consultation to purchasing and installation is designed to be streamlined and simple for customers to understand.  If your organization is satisfied with your current work environment, PC Professional is available to fill in as-needed to consult and confirm your PCs, network, servers, and other technologies are running the way they should.

The PC Professional IT consulting team is made up of trained account managers, our technical assistance center, purchasing department and experienced technicians.  We work as a team to develop a cost-effective plan to ensure your technologies continue to work for your organization.

As your trusted IT consultants, PC Professional is available to work with you – and your internal IT team – to learn about your infrastructure and recommend methods to improve workplace productivity.

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