Disaster recovery often is overlooked – until it’s too late, and your computer solutions are down.

Businesses of all size must deal with data loss, hardware failure, software corruption, human error, viruses and malware, and other unforeseen threats that could have significant impact on daily operations.

Many small business owners believe they don’t have the appropriate funding to develop a proper IT data disaster recovery plan – and that’s not true.  Not having a plan in place in case of a disaster can lead to a financial headache, as recovery requires specialized training and leads to difficult demands.

The current cloud computing boom has created a unique opportunity for our clients, as on-premise, cloud, or hybrid storage approaches to data storage offer a new twist to data recovery plans.  Despite the technology being available, your company still needs to develop risk planning and a working architecture that will help reduce the threat of disaster recovery time – the longer your network is inoperable, the more you stand to lose man-hours and revenue.

If you need assistance determining which solutions are best for your company, our account managers and technicians are available to aid in product procurement and immediate deployment.

Consultation:  Work with our technical team to discuss your current disaster recovery plan and its effectiveness in case of a real world accident.  Proper IT disaster recovery planning is a difficult, sometimes complicated task that many small and medium-sized business simply ignore.  Our team can work with you to develop a data recovery plan to protect your computer network and technologies in case of a problem.

Proactive Tracking: What good is a plan if it’s not modified and closely supervised?  PC Professional prides itself on making sure clients have a definite disaster recovery plan in place, and that it’s properly monitored as new software and hardware solutions are installed.

Wide Scope of Service: PC Professional understands solutions across different platforms, enabling us to recover your OS, servers, and data in a fast and effective manner.  It doesn’t matter if your company needs to restore information from stored tape drives or from the cloud, we’ll be able to assist in case of a power outage, natural disaster, or other circumstance that cause you problems.

An appropriate IT disaster recovery plan is important and technicians can help monitor your server room environment, networks, fiber, cable and wireless access, and software applications .

Testing:  Regular testing of data backup is needed to confirm servers and backup solutions are fully functioning in case of failure.  Many small businesses don’t have the ability to rely on an in-house disaster recovery plan, and testing is ignored, so uncertainty faces companies at risk.

Each disaster recovery case is different, but PC Professional has a wealth of experience and approaches each individual case ready to help your company get back up and running.

The first step involves quickly working with your team to learn more about what is working, what isn’t working properly, and possible steps to resolution.  Before deploying, a technician remotes in and learns more about the error – and tries to find an immediate fix – before deploying on-site.

If a remote fix is unavailable, we’ll deploy on-site and do what is necessary to get your server, network, and PCs back up and running as soon as possible.  If new hardware or software must be installed, PC Professional technicians will offer a temporary fix so your business suffers as little downtime as possible.

Don’t be caught off guard by a disaster recovery without an appropriate data backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

PC Professional has a proven track record of implementing IT disaster recovery plans for our clients, and our experience allows us to craft a custom plan for your business.