Companies choose to outsource their IT needs for a variety of reasons, and it frequently begins with an initial technology assessment.  Some companies want an overview of their work environment, while other companies have questions related to specific tasks they want to take a closer look at.

The first step to a proper technology assessment is for PC Professional to learn more about your business, services provided, and how employees and IT staff interact with the technology.  It’s an objective approach to accurately determine how your company’s current technologies are working, along with hearing about improvements you are looking to implement.

Is your company using the latest version of Microsoft Windows?  Are the latest software versions – based on availability and need – installed?  Do your PCs or servers need maintenance or be replaced with newer products available?

When on-site, your company’s processes, deployed technologies, hardware and software will be analyzed for functionality and to quickly diagnose problems.

There are a few initial questions that can be answered during a technology assessment:

•           Is your hardware and software functioning well?
•           Is your network secure?
•           Which software and hardware is right for your company?
•           Does your data backup save information properly, whether on-prem or in the cloud?
•           How can your company use in-house technologies to be more efficient and productive?

We can take a look at your diagnostic reports and server logs to verify there are no immediate problems that must be addressed.

Network Security Audits

Network security is a vital part of day-to-day operations for your business, but you may have questions regarding appropriate network monitoring and threat assessment. 

The initial network security assessment is a risk-based procedure between PC Professional’s technicians and your company’s LAN administrator or IT team.  This close look at your business environment improves your overall IT security and leads to better uptime and lasting workplace security.    

Network security is a critical aspect for every business, and our technicians uncover potential security weaknesses and expose vulnerabilities.  We’ll check your firewall, VPN, and software to confirm everything is working as expected – and if not – can help determine best resolution to avoid network downtime.

Using a variety of internal procedures and third-party technology tools, PC Professional can help determine the best steps to upgrade computer hardware and software.

Once completed, our technicians will be able to outline any weak points, recommend new solutions, and identify network errors or security holes that pose risks to your business.  PC Professional provides direct access to account managers and technicians, so you are able to determine the best steps to upgrade your company’s technologies.