PC Professional is a San Francisco Bay Area leader in IT managed services, with a focus on solving any problems our clients have.

PC Professional is available to handle strategic operations including both remote monitoring and diagnostics to on-site field work to quickly resolve any problems that arise with your computer network.

Monitoring your network infrastructure and responding to all problems is critical, with PC Professional’s managed services program available as a cost-effective method to reduce your IT costs without compromising service.

To do this, we work closely with our clients to use helpdesk support, remote login, or on-site visits to handle all the IT-related needs your business may have, including the following: monitoring of your environment; for example, servers, firewalls, routers, and tech infrastructure.  Using an enhanced reporting and automatic alert system, your overall network health can be quickly assessed and technicians are better able to predict any potential issues.

In a competitive business marketplace, suffering downtime can be detrimental for your business operations.  The financial loss to your business isn’t worth it – and that’s why PC Professional offers a comprehensive managed IT services monitoring solution to our clients.

PC Professional’s managed services provide us with the ability to remotely track network stability while you continue to focus on the effort to grow your business.  Using managed IT services, PC Professional can monitor your company’s infrastructure and no alert goes unnoticed.

Once our Tech Staff implements an application and monitoring solution that is installed on a new PC in your office – or on existing equipment – our Remote Monitoring staff completes tasks to ensure the protection of your network – and proper maintenance is in place.

We review every alert generated for remote clients as they can help identify potential problems and looming disasters.  If there is an alert that is particularly concerning, a qualified technician will remote-in first to try and restore before being deployed on-site to fully handle the situation.

Included in our managed services package:

Full team of experienced IT technicians
24/7 remote monitoring support, including database and cloud support
Cloud application management
Remote support/diagnostics
Identify how to log improvements
Server patching and needed maintenance
Data backups
Storage status

Benefits of our managed IT services:

Desktop Support:  PC Professional uses an array of technologies to help protect and manage all desktop PCs and notebooks in your office.  Using carefully selected management solutions that include the following: helpdesk support, as-needed support services, and desktop management allow us to remain cognizant of your needs.

If a remote login cannot solve the problem – or a different issue is discovered – an account manager can escalate the ticket, providing fast, reliable on-site managed services for your business.

Focus on your core business: Our clients are able to focus on growing their own business, rather than worrying about IT solutions.  IT outsourcing Managed Services from PC Professional gives companies with no IT – or an overburdened IT team – the opportunity to receive top notch service at an affordable rate.

Help Desk Consulting:  It’s possible your company may need a partial audit, or a complete overhaul, of the help desk – or need to create a help desk support system from the ground up.  PC Professional is available

Be proactive:  PC Professional is able to identify potential problems before they occur, helping your business save money and remain online.  Trying to hire and train a full-time IT staff is an expensive and difficult process, while temporary employees might not be able to get the job done, so being proactive by embracing managed services opens the door to fair pricing and long-term partnerships.

PC Professional wants your company to maximize the return on investment related to IT managed services, and our technicians are available to do the heavy lifting.

If your small or medium-sized business is in need of managed sources outsourcing, PC Professional is available to immediately assist.