Procurement management

At the current velocity of change, many businesses are challenged with the wave of new technologies constantly emerging and evolving. Time limitations and the lack of bandwidth in evaluating which technologies would provide what benefits limits many companies ability in testing, adopting and implementing solutions that would put needed tools and resources in the hands of those who need it post.

Purchasing the right solution is not only confusing but requires thorough research in the areas of compatibility and scalability. Finding hardware, software and services that will meet your business needs and promote efficiency and productivity should be a key factor with every purchasing decision you make. With so many purchase vehicles and options out there, PC Professional can help you investigate and research your technology needs, and design a proposal to meet every end user and business unit’s initiative and technology consumption need.

Purchasing the correct solution involves more than picking a product with the most features.  A true business decision regarding technology must focus on a combination of analyzing your business needs, evaluating your short and long term plans, and deciding on the correct support for the installation and service during the warranty period.  Whether it be deciding on a server that needs upgrading, a correct infrastructure, data backup, workstation or mobile device, proper IT consulting can save you valuable time and money, and guarantee you receive increased productivity using the new technology in your business.

With 34 years of IT consulting experience, PC Professional is perfectly positioned to assist with the decision making, product procurement and deployment of any and all IT solutions.  We partner with all of the major manufacturers for both hardware and software solutions.  Some of these partners include Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Cisco, Barracuda, Symantec, VMware, Intel, IBM, APC, AWS and McAfee.  What makes us different is our approach. We strive to deliver a customized and personable experience in every business engagement you make.

  1. We consult and help you navigate through the many choices.
  2. We shop for the best available price.
  3. We procure the product with the full manufacturer warranty.
  4. We support the product for the warranty period with both our in house help desk and our IT engineers to keep the product working.
  5. We partner with the manufacturer when escalation to provide immediate remediation.

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