Your business may not have an IT department – or IT manager – and with IT salaries continuing to increase while budgets are cut, there is the risk of untrained, inexperienced IT staff monitoring your networks.  If so, PC Professional can assist in any role, whether you need a temporary IT contacted worker, or extended duration assistance.

Our technicians, account managers, and project managers are helping small and medium-businesses, non-profits, city and county government agencies, and corporations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area complete projects.

PC Professional can be relied upon as an IT staff augmentation firm to fill your company’s needs in the IT department.  Ideally fit for companies that need to scale staff levels dependent on project size, staff augmentation is suited for companies that need short to mid-term project staffing.

Don’t worry about trying to hire a new employee, as we can help screen, interview, and select a worker to assist alongside your current staff.  Working with your company, PC Professional can fulfill any staff shortcomings without being intrusive and interfering with your business operations.

We provide service technicians or hire new service technicians to complete long-term contracts, helping your company fill an employee need – and providing the opportunity to temporarily help staff an upcoming project.

Utilizing the staff at PC Professional has an immediate impact on your company’s finances and long-term IT business plan.  Our staff augmentation provides a full life cycle of trained staff, with a talent pool of highly skilled and experienced technicians available to help towards a wide range of projects.

Benefits of PC Professional staff augmentation include the following:

Projects: When a project is too labor intensive for your team to handle, or doesn’t require a new full-time employee, PC Professional allows your company to complete a project on time and on budget.  In addition, you retain full control of the assigned technicians.  You can directly supervise them.  Or call PC Professional for a project manager with the ability to lend a hand and manage current and upcoming projects.

Price: The cost of hiring and retaining an internal IT department can be a costly and confusing endeavor, with projects or crisis management required.  If this is the case, staff augmentation provides a channel to maintain budget and still meet project deadlines.

Direct Access: Your business has direct access to PC Professional as a technical resource.  You can assign work to us or we can manage projects utilizing our experience.  We hire employees so you don’t have to.  Our technicians are able to work side-by-side with other members of your IT department, providing valuable insight into troubleshooting, new software and hardware install, along with whatever your company needs to succeed.

Intellectual Property Rights: Since we’re being contracted to work with you, any IP and copyrights will be left with you as well.

PC Professional currently has technicians deployed on a weekly basis to a client’s office, offering the client the ability to know a technician will always be available on that day.  Technicians can be assigned work on projects that need to be completed, or do general PC and server maintenance to properly diagnose everything is working normally.

If your business is looking to free up employees to focus on critical business operations, PC Professional can discuss the opportunity to rely on our staff augmentation program to make a difference.

We’re interested in learning about our clients and how we can better serve you in the long run.  If you want to learn more about PC Professional’s staff augmentation services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.