Remote monitoring and management of an organization’s network is a critical IT function that can save money in network performance, employee productivity and infrastructure cost overruns. PC Professional Remotely Monitors your organization’s entire system 24/7.  We set the alert notification parameters on virtual and physical servers, applications, your network, and we monitor the capacity of your servers.  Alert notifications happen instantly, allowing our technicians to quickly resolve problems remotely before they progress.

PC Professional has an experienced team account managers and IT engineers that we assign to every client at a cost that is much lower than hiring an experienced IT team.  We partner with the best hardware and software Remote Monitoring companies to ensure all aspects of your Network are running at an optimal level at all times.

PC Professional monitors these areas:

1. Server and Virtual Monitoring:

Once in place, PC Professional receives an accurate view of your servers’ health, including deep metrics on performance, availability, and capacity that are collected and preserved for reporting.

2. Application Monitoring:

PC Professional proactively monitors application performance along with the critical parts of application delivery. We receive alerts and reports on applications to highlight issues before they become serious.

3. Network Monitoring:

Your network has to be up 24/7/365 to keep your company productive and running efficiently. It takes deep and accurate network monitoring to watch over critical areas of network performance, network availability, and network capacity. Your network is a critical platform for delivering applications and services to your business and end-users. If problems start, if the network slows down, or if an imminent network failure is coming, PC Professional will know about it ASAP and take action.

4. Capacity planning:

Organizations need their capacity optimized across the entire IT environment. Unfortunately, many enterprises unknowingly overspend on capacity when they don’t need to.  PC Professional actively monitors your server’s capacity and uses back up virtual servers to make sure your company is always running at the most efficient level.

Benefits of Remote Network Monitoring:

1. Troubleshooting:

With Remote monitoring, PC Professional can quickly identify the device and/or software that is causing the problem, thus limiting your downtime and the time wasted trying to identify the issue. Rather than waiting for an end user to report a problem and then troubleshooting, remote monitoring allows PC Professional to detect, diagnose and fix a problem before users are aware of it.

2. Track trends:

Problems that occur intermittently or at certain peak times may be hard to pin point in the moment, but ongoing remote monitoring reports allow PC Professional to understand key trends in the operation and condition of your network.

3. Easily plan for upgrades:

If a device is constantly running near its limit, this may be the time to make a change. Network monitoring applications allow PC Professional to track this type of data and plan ahead with your organization to make appropriate changes with ease.

4. Save money and Increase profits:

Reduce downtime and investigation time, as fewer hours worked means less money spent when problems occur and greater productivity across your organization.  Avoiding financial losses caused by undetected system failures is the ultimate result of being able to proactively point out and deal with network issues.