Let PC Professional help your organization find the right innovative IT solutions for your technology needs!

The current technology market is evolving at a rapid pace, with emerging product offerings that can be difficult to keep up with.  Here is a quick breakdown of several established services that will benefit your organization:

Cloud Computing Services: Cloud computing is a scalable, affordable Internet-based delivery platform that a growing number of companies are embracing.  Working in the cloud yields an effective way for organizations to address IT needs, help reduce costs, increase scalability, and have better data backup and disaster recovery.

Getting to the cloud can be a difficult task, with various cloud vendors, security issues, and accessibility questions that must be approached with diligence. PC Professional will work with your organization, address your needs and concerns, and help move your business into the cloud in a timely, effective manner.

Please click here to learn more about PC Professional’s cloud experience and how we can help your infrastructure.

Virtualization: Organizations utilizing virtualization enjoy cost savings, better cyber security, and increased IT efficiency.  Virtualizing at least part of your environment allows old and unsupported machines to be retired, along with creating a more robust system backup.  Please click here to learn more about PC Professional’s virtualization services – and how we’ve successfully helped clients in the past.

Microsoft On-Prem Exchange Migration: Migrating from an older version of Microsoft Exchange (2003, 2007, or 2010) to the newest 2013 or Exchange Online versions yield numerous benefits. The PC Professional team is experienced with all versions of Exchange, including helping organizations migrate to newer versions.  For companies unable to migrate successfully, the migration path can be confusing – don’t leave behind mailbox data, public folders, calendars, and other information during the migration!

For companies interested in learning more, please visit the Exchange migration page to learn how this service could greatly impact your business. PC Professional helped a client migrate from an on-prem solution into the cloud with Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft SharePoint Configuration: SharePoint is becoming increasingly popular for its cloud-based ability to deliver employee collaboration in a centralized location.  PC Professional specializes in SharePoint installation and customization, working with clients to receive a full understanding of how a customized user interface template and portal can help boost productivity.

Attempting to upgrade from an out-of-the-box SharePoint to a fully customized solution is a difficult process, but PC Professional’s technicians have experience consulting with clients, designing the SharePoint site, implementing it, and following up with ongoing, as-needed support.

Wireless Upgrades: Installing a new wireless network – or upgrading an existing infrastructure – provides maximum uptime and increased download/upload performance. As an IT consulting firm, PC Professional can help your business purchase wireless hardware, and then install it to lead to improved business operations.

PC Professional recently assisted a local non-profit to install wireless access points, wireless Internet configuration, and cabling installed throughout the new facility.

Microsoft Windows Server Migration: Once an organization decides to purchase a new server, selecting the appropriate server operating system is important. Server 2012 provides additional functionality and added features which in turn improve how the server runs in your environment.  Once implemented properly, Server 2012 provides users with increased reliability, easier IT administration, and improved server functionality.     

Upgrading is vitally important for businesses running servers running legacy operating systems.  PC Professional can help your organization modernize while ensuring active directory and domain controller profiles are carried over for the new server configuration.

Microsoft has published an end-of-service and end-of-life guide to its products, which is available here.

VPN, Remote Access: Setting up VPN network access provides users with a secure path to remotely access information while not in the office.  Creating a site-to-site VPN allows organizations with multiple offices to share data through a secure connection over an Internet-based connection – and technical resources are available to employees regardless of physical work location.

PC Professional recently helped a client create a custom VPN hairpin environment used for site-to-site spoke configuration, along with encrypted VPN clients.

Remote access to the work environment provides an effective manner for employees to access information on PCs, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices while not at the office. However, implementing remote access – and confirming the database is secure can prove to be a difficult task – let PC Professional do the back-end work while working with your employees to determine ideal network access.

Disaster Recovery: Disaster recovery is a critical aspect of every business, and not having a plan in place could negatively impact business continuity.  Around 40 percent of SMBs that suffer a major IT failure are forced to close within 12 months – and 80 percent of companies that have an IT interruption close for at least one business day while issues are resolved.   

PC Professional’s experienced staff can assist in both developing an appropriate disaster recovery plan, along with product procurement and installation of new solutions.

Please click here to learn more about how PC Professional can help your business before a potentially crippling data loss.  PC Professional assisted with disaster recovery after an unexpected server crash brought down the company’s Internet and e-mail.

Network Security Upgrades: Staying proactive in the defense of a business network is critical, with newer, more secure firewall hardware (defending spam and virus, among other threats), Web filters, and enhanced network security.  Work with PC Professional to purchase the appropriate hardware and software-based solutions – and our technicians will install and configure the new firewall or web filter to your specifications.

There is a wide selection of different technology solutions a business can choose to stay proactive in a dynamic marketplace.  PC Professional can help appropriately identify what solutions your business should embrace to stay ahead of the competition.

If you would like to learn more about PC Professional, an Oakland IT outsourcing firm serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area, please contact us and we’ll be in touch.