Infrastructure as a Service is a way of provisioning equipment needed for operations in an outsourced model. Companies can use cloud infrastructure offerings such as – hardware, servers, computing, storage, networking components and operating systems on demand rather than having to purchase them outright. With the trending shift toward cloud based delivery of resources, being able to take what traditionally would be an upfront CAPX investment into a OPEX as needed expense can save organizations time and money while fostering better systems utilization and sizing.

On Demand

On Demand Infrastructure allows you to replicate or build a new infrastructure platform in the cloud using a fraction of the time and resources of any on premise solution.  Being able to scale CPU’s, Disk drives and storage as needed ensures that you no longer have to pay for unused network resources.

IAAS on Demand works well for proof of concept or sand box testing because it provides the necessary horsepower without having to expend a large amount of capital to do so. You can easily turn a proof of concept implementation into a production environment or shut down all instances without impacting your live environment and active business users.

Virtual Data Center

Whether organizations want to move their infrastructure from their office or a colocation facility, an IaaS Virtual Data Center can provide un-paralleled scalability, redundancy and security.

An IaaS Virtual Data Center can be especially beneficial for organizations that have unpredictable data usage spikes which can take a toll on overall network performance and bandwidth. With IaaS integration, companies can set their network to automatically scale resources from CPU’s to hard drives and network resources.

PC Professional is uniquely positioned to consult on, implement and support your transition to an IaaS solution model. We partner with two of the largest IaaS providers, AWS and Microsoft Azure to provide the platform and tools necessary for migration and support of your critical infrastructure. Our customized discovery and implementation strategy will allow you to see which areas of your business would benefit from an IaaS integration and our evaluation model provides you with a low risk low impact benefit in taking your business as a whole or in part to an optimized and improved cloud model.

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