With the growth in mobile workforces, the need for a robust collaboration solution has become a top priority for many businesses. Not only has the need for a collaboration platform grown, the regulations around managing the content and data has also become critical. The growing spoke of personnel needing to work together is not just limited to internal employees anymore. Businesses see a clear need to collaborate with mobile employees, partners, third party workforces, supplies and of course customers.

Whether your goal is to implement a web conferencing solution such as Microsoft Lync, Cisco Webex or Citrix GoToMeeting or HD video conferencing from Polycom, Lifesize, Cisco, Aver or Vidyo, PC Professional works with all major solution providers to ensure you find the right fit at the right price.

Another key part of collaboration as a whole is ensuring that your organization has a tactful yet strategic business workflow process that allows for individuals within and across departments to work with each other in achieving common business goals and benefits. Solutions such as Microsoft Sharepoint, whether on premise or hosted, is just one of the platforms PC Professional can help fully customize and develop for automating and organizing business data, content, processes and procedures. Having the right framework for your business needs will allow more stakeholders to effectively and efficiently collaborate across business units and externally to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Through 34 years of industry experience, PC Professional can lend value to your organization’s collaboration and workflow needs and help take time consuming manual processes and boundary limitations to a more automated and on demand workspace.