Virtualization is a key architecture in many network environments today. It is no longer a strategy for just large datacenters and enterprise environments. Every size company can reap benefits from implementing virtualization to some capacity for a hardware fault tolerant environment, smaller footprint, less energy consumption, minimized software investment and maximum hardware utilization.

Studies have shown that most physical servers running single business applications have a utilization rate of less than 20%. The rest of your systems CPU is underuse. With virtualization technology, your systems are fully optimized to their full capacity while the ability to scale up and out is constructed for a more dynamic network infrastructure.

Advance changes in the technology landscape has delivered new paradigms for allocating computing power and capacity needs. There is no longer a need to allocate dedicated physical machines for every application your business requires. With proper planning and validated testing, virtualization from the server down to the client systems can provide a more robust and manageable environment with clear cost savings and benefits. System optimization and manageability are key factors in exploring this solution today.

PC Professional has specialized in virtualization technology through our strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Vmware. Our trained staff of engineers and virtualization specialists will work with your company’s specific needs and interests to deliver a solution to satisfy all layers of your business units.

Systems Migration & Optimization

Whether in a fully virtualized environment or a hybrid network topology, maintaining your systems health and integrity are key in increased business productivity and workforce efficiency. Underutilized system resources can be a waste but undersized and over-utilized computing can cause comprised productivity and network disruptions.

PC Professional’s systems assessment can uncover areas of weakness and provide a detailed analysis report for clear and accurate inventory management while delivering high level recommendations on ways to strategically plan migrations and implement improvements for a more optimal infrastructure.

Installing and/or upgrading new computer infrastructure, software applications, or any other IT system can be problematic and stressful. The possibility for unpredicted risks such as down-time, reliability and/or compatibility issues can prove very costly.

Data migration is essential for many organizations that see their business and goals expand over time. Migrations not only give your organization a chance to enhance the performance of hardware systems and applications, but it also counteracts potential harm that can occur once your current system begins to underperform and or face end of support challenges.

There are many aspects to a migration, such as formulating a strategy, preparing for complications, and understanding the impact it can have on your organization.  Choosing to migrate may seem like a huge undertaking however, when you understand these factors, the benefits can be reaped throughout all business units.

Proper planning and testing are key in planning a successful migration. Our team of engineers will work with you to fully assess your environment and needs, identify critical applications and associated data sets, and interface with other stakeholders and partners to ensure a seamless integration.