Exchange Migration

Microsoft Exchange is the No. 1 e-mail messaging solution in the United States, and has clear advantages over all competing products, with bundled e-mail, task management, calendaring, and other business tasks included.

In today’s fast-moving business environment, e-mail is a mission critical necessity, so e-mail server downtime or server update issues can be severely detrimental.  IT outsourcing solutions provided by PC Professional can assist your small or medium-sized business make a hosted server change to provide employees with an updated e-mail service.

If your company is ready to move from POP or IMAP, PC Professional would enjoy the opportunity to sit down and discuss possible ideas about the potential Microsoft Exchange migration.

Microsoft provides the tools and solutions for businesses to try and make the migration without the need for help, but there is major risk of pitfalls, including down Internet, loss of e-mails, and productivity.

If PC Professional runs the project, we can meet set deadlines and better address any potential problems that emerge along the way.

Exchange provides synchronization from PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones, giving employees the chance to access e-mail, calendars, and additional work-place functionality while not in the office.

Microsoft Exchange Server is a reliable, cost-effective form of communication for any business.  The solution provides users with access to e-mail, personal calendars and tasks, as well as mobile and Internet-based access to e-mail.

The PC Professional Exchange Migration staff can help your organization make a transition to one of the following solutions: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange 2010, or Microsoft Exchange 2013.

E-mail Migration Solutions

As Microsoft and vendors push customers into the cloud – or release new versions of Exchange – PC Professional can aid your business in upgrading from older technologies to the newest Exchange.

PC Professional provides a seamless migration from other solutions to Microsoft Exchange, so your business doesn’t need to worry about downtime.

Options Are Available

Leaving behind POP in favor of Exchange opens the door to calendaring, task management, contacts, and file-sharing – on a central e-mail server instead of locally – so multi-device support is included.

Whether you want to upgrade on-premise Exchange and leave your servers in-house, or want to fully move into the cloud, PC Professional has experience assisting organizations migrate.

Some customers want to use on-premise Exchange on an in-house server when hesitant to fully invest in the cloud, or monthly subscription costs are too steep.

Make Exchange migration as painless as possible and work with PC Professional so your company e-mail is up and running quickly.  Our trained technicians ensure your move is seamless and you won’t have to worry about e-mail functionality, loss of e-mails, tasks, calendaring, and other problems that might arise if migration is carried out by an overburdened, inexperienced IT department.