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Welcome to the current tech trends section of the PC Professional website, where we will share different tech-based stories that have piqued our interest.

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of different news stories that are relevant to both the consumer and corporate worlds – and here are a few of them:

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing rightfully receives a large amount of attention from Internet users, tech journalists, and service providers looking to adapt to changing times.  North America and Europe are the two largest cloud computing markets, and small businesses are helping drive adoption at a rapid pace.  As the IT needs of SMBs change and evolve due to the new technologies, the security concerns need to be addressed.

‘Bring Your Own Device’

There is a reason ‘BYOD’ has been in the news a lot, as employees want to use their own devices for personal and work-related tasks – but don’t want employers to be able to control activities on the device, included remote tracking, wiping the device if stolen, etc.  Employers enjoy the thought of BYOD as a way to avoid purchasing new smartphones and attached data plans, though initial adoption, security, and other problems persist.

Windows ‘Blue’

The Windows 8.1 update, code-name ‘Blue,’ is expected in testing phase sometime in June, with the final release anticipated for the holidays.  The update will be free for current Windows 8 users, as Microsoft looks to further fine tune its newest OS.  Despite selling more than 100 million licenses for Windows 8 – which was surpassed in May – many consumers and corporate users still aren’t sold on Windows 8. Here is what Microsoft said in its official Windows blog:

“Windows 8.1 … continues the journey we first began with Windows 8 last fall.  Windows 8.1 will help us to deliver the next generation of PCs and tablets with our OEM partners and to deliver the experiences customers—both consumers and businesses alike—need and will just expect moving forward.”

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