Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software licensing model in which the delivery of applications is on a subscription basis via online web tools. The benefit of such a model is that the licenses are centrally managed, up to date and consumed via an OPEX cost with all management being done by the provider. Many licenses traditionally came with a large CAPEX price tag and required robust hardware to install and implement. Many businesses were faced with not only the cost challenges but underutilized resources and the manageability of multiple instances proved to be costly and time consuming.

With many software manufacturers opting for a SaaS based delivery of their applications, we see businesses taking such traditional on premise LOB (Line of Business) applications such as CRM, ERP systems, security and productivity suites into the cloud. Such decisions require thorough investigation of the impact and benefit to your organization and once the decisions have been made, the planning and migration process can be just as demanding.

The top 5 benefits of SaaS are:

  1. Reduced time in installation and implementation across your organization
  2. Lower operational and capital costs
  3. Scalability and integration with other business processed
  4. Always on the latest version with patches up-to-date
  5. Easy to use and perform proof of concepts

PC Professional has been an early adopter in this strategic shift and can work with you to design and implement a strategy that works for you. Our engagement can provide a cost analysis and evaluation of the benefits and changes your business may incur and can help you make a sound decision whether you go fully cloud or hybrid.