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Over the past decade, we’ve seen unprecedented technology advancements that have helped businesses thrive even amid a pandemic. With every development it’s never without new threats and vulnerabilities.  Here are three (3) important tech advances in business that we should really be thankful for.


1. Cyber thieves keep a-knockin’ but they can’t come in.

Based on the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 46% of confirmed cybersecurity breaches target small and medium-sized businesses. According to Datto, a business is hit with ransomware every 13.275 seconds. Having a reliable firewall and office network security tools are something to be grateful for. They can avert even the most determined cyber hacker from getting his hands on your network. Are your systems well protected?


2. Downtime should be a thing of the past.

Thankfully, there are monitoring and maintenance tools available that enable IT services and IT support firms to notice right away when things go awry. This prevents your computers from having issues. Hotfixes, patches, and security updates are generally items that, when regularly maintained, keep a network healthy and up and running. If for some reason, your network still has some form of downtime, cloud-based remote management tools allow your IT support team to access your system from anywhere, getting you up and running more quickly than ever before. PC Professional’s hybrid data backup and recovery solution, ProVault, combines the advantage and protection of both local and cloud storageto avoid or limit any downtime.


3. If disaster strikes, you can be back up & running in minutes instead of days.

Other than the loss of data, a major disaster like an earthquake, fire, or even theft could cripple many businesses’ operations for days or weeks. Worst case scenario, a business may not even survive this. You’d be grateful to have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan in place when disaster strikes. While not all BCDR solutions are created equal, a proper one enables local and cloud backup, local and cloud failover, and capabilities to restore data in various scenarios. This means that beyond having a backup that allows rapid restoration of individual files or entire servers, business operations can continue with minimal or without interruption. There are different ways to do this. An experienced IT security firm can collaborate with you on the best strategy that fits your business.

For instance, our IT security experts have helped businesses and nonprofit organizations with their BCDR plans specifically designed to their needs and processes.  We take pride in implementing and maintaining a reliable and cost-effective safety net for your organization.


To feel thankful and truly at ease with your business’ IT security, why not have a Backup Performance Audit?

This will make sure your backup and recovery are (still) working.


Our PC Professional IT Services team can help conduct a backup performance audit and testing. This audit will cover

  • Assess the reliability and performance of your existing backup
  • Make sure you’re backing up all the essential files you need
  • Ensure proper storage and maintenance of your backup
  • Check for any vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate your data recovery and response plan
  • Recommend ways to maximize data protection


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