PC Professional understands the unique challenges facing the Biotechnology Industry.



  • Improve Network Security
  • Disaster Planning
  • Nimble Work Force (Remote)
  • Workflow Automation/Development


  • Application Development
  • Cloud Utilization
    • Disaster Planning
  • Mobile Device Management


  • Improved Product Development
  • Enhance Quality of Life for Society
  • Improved Employee Moral

A local camera and security company was spending too much time designing the computer hardware and software in preparation for the loading of applications to monitoring cameras and building security.  The company also needed to standardize the manufacturer and upgrade the quality of computers being deployed for their customers.

PC Professional developed a process for the company to upgrade and standardize on industry leading solutions from HP, Dell, Lenovo and Microsoft.  Current models are researched every time a request is received from one of their clients.  All product is tested and support agreements are arranged prior to delivery.  Consulting services are provided to keep the company’s product utilizing the latest technology fully licensed from the manufacturers.

Now, this camera and security company’s sales and technology implementation team can fully focus on their core offering to customize solutions using industry leading security software and hardware solutions.  Their client is reaping big benefits from a more stable system based on industry leading technology and support.  In the end, the productivity has been increased for their clients with systems operational around the clock.

Local Camera and Security Company