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Converged Infrastructure

Converged IT Infrastructure

A converged infrastructure combines servers, networking, and storage into a single optimized computing system that is centrally managed.

  • Allows companies to easily scale
  • Predictable, consistent high performance

A converged infrastructure is implemented by grouping multiple information technology (IT) components into a cohesive and optimized computing package. There are a variety of components that can be integrated into a converged infrastructure. Typically, a converged IT infrastructure involves some combination of servers, data storage devices, networking equipment and software for infrastructure management, automation and related functions.

Reasons to migrate to a converged IT infrastructure:

  1. Position IT to better meet the needs of business
    • More reliable, productive IT environment
    • Quick integration of all components
    • Infrastructure management is simplified
    • IT can focus efforts to use technology to help the business
    • Better utilization of IT staff
  1. Better able to keep up with evolving business demands
    • Ease of it infrastructure management
    • Centralization results in quicker IT response and reduces cost
    • Simplify management of your data systems
  1. Build a foundation for a Hybrid Cloud Future
    • Easily implement private Cloud solutions
    • Enabling platform for private and public Cloud computing
    • Supports infrastructure as-a-service (Iaas)
    • Supports platform-as-a-service (Paas)
    • Supports software-as-a- service (Saas)
    • Great flexibility and scalability

Benefits of a Converged Infrastructure:

  • Great security of your key data
  • Cost savings from improved use of IT services
  • Takes advantages of mobile computing to make you more competitive through the use of technology
  • Sets you up for Cloud utilization in the future