Just because October – National Cyber Security Awareness Month – is over, does not mean we should forget what we have learned. Here are some quick reminders to continue to stay cyber secure in your day to day life.
How many can you check off?
  • Always lock or turn off your screen when you walk away from your computer.
  • Create strong, complicated, long passwords, and do not share them.
  • Do not click links, attachments, or emails from strangers. Disable automatic downloading of attachments.
  • Enable two-step (or more) authentication.
  • Always actively install updates to your computer and keep software up to date. Use antivirus software.
  • Do not give out personal information in an email or text.
  • Check for https to ensure safe and secure websites. Always double check the URL because even one character off could entrap you in a phishing scam.
  • Back up any important data.
  • Report any suspicious activity.
Tips Courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security
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