Computer security breaches are common, and several occur around the world every day. 43% of cyber attacks target small/medium businesses and within 60% of these companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack. Whether you are a small or medium company, keeping your network secure and up to date is crucial to keep it running. The beginning of an improved network is understanding what is going on in your current environment.

PC Professional’s Net Detect solution provides an analysis of your business’ network health, which includes security risks. Our Net Detect solution allows us to run detailed scans of your network, identify internal and external security issues, and evaluate the overall health of your network. PC Professional will review the findings and provide you with several deliverables that include:

  • Executive summary of issues and recommended resolution
  • Security risk report 
  • Network health report
  • Network detailed report of your environment

As trusted IT consultants, PC Professional works with you to analyze your data, recommend the best practices, and implement the best course to remediate the issues. 

Network security is an ongoing concern that can have a major negative impact on a business if not continually monitored and re-mediated. 

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