It All Boils Down To Productivity

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It All Boils Down To Productivity

As amazing as technology can be, at times we all can’t help but wonder what life would be like without all the gadgets and gizmos that constantly keep us tied to the “office” or “connected to the social web.” The cell phone for example has transformed from a calling and texting device into a truly “smart” phone that interacts with you on a constant basis. The power of apps and their ability to present instantaneous information is nothing short of fantastic. Bottom line, with every component of work and the flow processes connected in getting the job done, technology plays a huge role. Evaluating single components and how they all tie in together can be very overwhelming. PC Professional understands this confusion and lack of resources in pulling together all the moving parts of a network to make it somehow work and talk. At the end of the day, it really comes down to productivity and empowering users across all business units to stay competitive, agile, effective and efficient.


What is our strategy then and how are we acting as the vCIO for our customers? To provide a level of transparency, here is our engagement philosophy:


The Head: What are you thinking about?  

Our team engagement approach consisting of a dedicated account manager and engineer(s) gives us the ability to really understand what our customers are thinking about when it comes to their job and responsibilities. What are you Mr. Customer accountable for and what would make you the hero. Whether your role is in helpdesk support, human resources dealing with very sensitive information or upper management looking to control costs, the PC Professional team “thinks” from your perspective to deliver solutions not quick fixes.


The Heart: What do you care about?

This is the wish list factor when it comes to initiatives. At the end of the day, what is it that our customers really care about and are passionate for? Understand this “heart” factor has allowed us to truly have impact on our engagements and become the long term trusted advisor. We listen and take to heart what the customer cares about and we apply it to our solution designs so the impact is much more than just a solution sell.  


The Hands:-What do you do?

This is the area of most significant impact. Many customers aside from their “head” and “heart” goals often times are too busy and tied up dealing with the day to day tasks on hand. Whether its setting up smartphones for your users or dealing with break fixes, many of our customers can’t find the time to research and implement business changing solutions because they are too busy putting our fires. Our motto at PC Professional has been, “Leave the technology to us so you can focus on your business.” By this we mean, focus on the “head” and “heart” factors, our goal is to make you the hero regardless of what department you might be in.  At times we are the extension of your staff and other times we may be called in to put out a major fire, whatever the situation might be, we want you to be the hero of your company.


Every customer at PC Professional has a dedicated account manager and team of technicians supporting them. With over 100 years of experience across our ISG staff, the knowledge and industry based strategies render huge value. Now that you’ve read our philosophy, engage with us today to see our actual ability. Even if you may not have any immediate needs, having one meeting with our team will be eye opening. Call us today, our goal isn’t to sell you something, it’s to make you the hero.

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