IT Outsourcing is one of the core services provided by PC Professional. When you outsource to us, we take care of everything, from everyday helpdesk access to negotiating the best prices for services. Everyone’s needs are different, and PC professional will work with you to create a custom outsourcing plan.

Is it Time to Outsource?

If you’re trying to grow an organization or a business, but IT is hindering that process, it might be time to outsource. High turnover from techs and constantly needing to find specialized help for skill gaps can be signs that techs are overworked, and that outsourcing is a good choice for you. Partnering with PC Professional means that you have an entire team at your fingertips, and almost 40 years of experience to help you.

PC Professional helps IT grow with your organization, not against it.

Time & Money

Enjoy lowered costs immediately, since outsourcing can cost less than hiring a single tech, while PC Professional’s routine assessments and weekly outsource services boost the ROI on your existing system and fix any problems before they become costly disasters. No need to worry about being taken advantage of by other companies, as having us as the gatekeeper stops you from being scammed by shady IT practices. We’ll negotiate and use our industry connections to get you the best deals, without putting you through the stress of research and price comparison.

For a Happy Workplace

Outsourcing takes the stress of IT off employee backs, especially when remote service and the 24/7 helpdesk support is only a call away. Reduced stress keeps turnover low and morale high, and on top of that, the savings from outsourcing mean that you don’t have to agonize over hard payroll decisions like cutting employee benefits. Keep everyone happy and working on the stuff that really matters.

PC Professional Outsourcing Service

What we offer:

  • IT project management
  • 24/7 remote monitoring services
  • Custom client portal and escalation system
  • Routine checkup on PCs, network, printers, and other hardware
  • Security audits & reduced risk with IT audits
  • Data backup verification
  • Disaster planning
  • Infrastructure management
  • End user support

For transparency, we work together with our clients, guiding and assisting them on every aspect of IT — from purchasing new hardware and software, to remote management and on-site engineer work. In addition to traditional IT outsourcing, PC Professional can also serve as your IT department, supplementing short-handed staff and offering subcontracting services that suit your current needs.

At PC Professional, we strive to make sure that your IT helps your organization be the best it can be!