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IT Refresh

IT Refresh

Make sure your company has the right hardware for your business needs.

Staying current and competitive requires to do constant evaluation of new technology advancements. Upgrading operating systems applications and installing new applications can be interruptive and costly to a business if not done correctly. Our 36 years servicing the Bay Area Business community guarantees that your migration/ IT refresh will be done correctly and under budget.

Our Technology Refresh Process:

  • Understand current environment at your company
  • Provide tailored plan that looks at your network and end user requirements
  • Backup before refresh begins to ensure no data loss
  • Refresh your technology to utilize industry level standards


  • Find up-to-date, best of breed technology to fit your business needs
  • Experience no data loss
  • Get a pathway to next generation technology
  • Avoid future expensive maintenance contracts
  • Create a predictable IT equipment budget