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IT Security

IT Security

PC Professional has been providing clients IT security solutions for the past 36 years. We provide network audit services and once the assessment is completed, we present our findings and recommendations to ensure your corporate IT assets are secure. Our managed IT services and remote monitoring are designed to ensure that anti-virus and anti-malware definitions are always up-to-date to provide the most current protection available.

Additionally, we monitor your Microsoft based servers and schedule installation for critical Microsoft patches and updates. Keeping up with the current threat landscape is a daunting task. Partnering with PC Professional provide the peace of mind in knowing that your network is being proactively monitored and that the most recent security updates are implemented. Additionally, PC Professional provides: IT Security assessments; network security audits; managed IT security services, and customized, security solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Protect your business with IT security.

If your company is connected to the Internet, that alone makes you a target for hacking. Many businesses have poor IT security, leaving them open to attacks that can threaten their business.  A comprehensive security defense strategy ensures that your company will be safe when threatened.  PC Professional IT engineers assess each part of your business together and separately to develop a multilayered security plan that is compatible with your company’s needs.

PC Professional IT engineers are trained to find vulnerabilities within your current system.  We run NetDetect on your network to look for problems which provides useful information for our security audits. By looking at these weaknesses, we can devise a plan that is a protective layer between your company and the threat.

Our IT security audits focus on:

  • Perimeter defense
  • Anti-virus and malware protection
  • Patch management
  • Blocking network based attacks
  • Blocking host based attacks

The PC Professional security process:

  • Assessing your business environment for vulnerabilities
  • Looking at each part of your business separately
  • Coordinating your applications and hardware to provide a cohesive solution
  • Educating end users to prevent in-house vulnerabilities
  • Providing encryption where applicable
  • Monitoring systems for future attacks


  • Eliminating security vulnerabilities
  • Safely supporting authorized users
  • Minimizing business losses and maximizing effectiveness
  • Help maintaining compliance of industry standards
  • Periodic security health checks against new and emerging threats


Network Detective is the industry-leading IT assessment tool that PC Professional uses to provide a few different reports.

Full Network Assessment Report

  • Our scan will pull out literally hundreds of pages of end-user network activity and configuration data. The Full Network Assessment Report includes every detail, presented in line-item fashion in an editable report document. The report is very organized by section with a table of contents to help you locate the specific findings of interest, and problem areas are conveniently highlighted in red, making it easy to spot individual problems to be rectified.
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NetDetect IT Security Audits
IT Security Solutions

Layered IT Security Solutions

PC Professional knows your business needs an IT security suite, software that protects your business from threats on multiple fronts. Our clients have depended on us for our multi-layered IT security solutions for years.

We are the top of our class because we know that as threats evolve, so must our security solutions. We understand that there is no one solution to cure all IT security problems and that layered defense is required. PC Professional has created a blended security plan to combat blended threats.

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