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IT Support

Every business, whether small or large, needs an effective and reliable IT support. Working with a strong IT support company enables an organization or business to stay competitive and curb any potential IT costs. It is crucial to provide your business with good maintenance and updating so that they keep running at optimum levels.

PC Professional has been building long-term relationships with our valued clients for over 37 years. We can handle any problems that arise within a company’s jurisdiction, allowing businesses to concentrate on what they do best. PC Professional can immediately respond to glitches and failures, so delays are not prolonged whether onsite or remotely. There is a great need for various types of IT support services in companies. Without the assistance of a good IT support, productivity will be lost, and a business will not run as smoothly.

Here’s a look at the IT support options PC Professional provides:

Onsite IT Support Services

  • Dedicated Systems Engineer
  • Pre-Scheduled visits with weekly/monthly reoccurrences
  • Network Administration and Management
  • Physical inspections of servers, data center, and network devices
  • Server patching and updates
  • Security Strategy
  • Disaster recovery and Business Continuity
  • Cable Management / Rack Organization
  • End User Support

Remote IT Support Services

  • Help Desk and Remote IT Support Services
  • Remote Monitoring of network
  • Remote control of systems
  • Remote Troubleshooting of hardware and software issues
  • Network Management
  • Security Management
  • Real-Time response < 1 hour
  • Control network user access
  • Robust remote support toolkit

Cloud Support

  • Implementation and Management
  • Cloud backup support
  • IT support for cloud workloads and resources
  • Customized cloud solutions for your business

IT Documentation

  • Configuration details for servers and devices
  • Password vault
  • Firewall, Switches, Network devices
  • LAN / WAN
  • Network Diagrams – Physical and virtual
  • Secure, Online Repository

PC Professional is eager to find solutions for your business’ IT Support needs.

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