Leveraging Technology to Boost Business Productivity

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Leveraging Technology to Boost Business Productivity

Aligning a company’s strategic objectives with productive employees successfully executing their business goals is what most people would measure productivity against. Many times it’s easier said than done. Execution and the ability to deliver results is key but what technology empowerment and resources would help maximize business productivity and therefore result in overall company success? Many times we run into situations where a client is looking for one solution to bandage their one problem area. This in result creates a sort of “build as you go” environment that lacks standardization, manageability and overall controllability. Due to the lack of resources, budget, and time technology rollouts these days often result in tactical engagements versus long term impactful strategic decisions.

Many VAR’s still lead with their “Core Services” and/or “Strategic Manufacturer Solutions.” PC Professional is changing our overall strategy and with every inquiry into our organization, we are taking a step back to take leaps forward in helping your organization make the right decisions in achieving increased business productivity across all your business units. Our dedicated team of account managers and technicians sit at the table as an acting vCIO and not as a traditional reseller. We ask questions to be disruptive to help our clients plan out how to maximize business productivity from all technology layers to help every single person in the organization achieve their goals. This is how a business measures success and ultimately becomes a leader in their industry.

Here are some of the key areas of conversation we often have in attacking the vCIO wheel to measure not only our effectiveness in the relationship but also in helping client’s optimize their business productivity needs:

Technology Assessment: What does your business look like today and what areas of strength/weakness is there? This is where we often find the bottlenecks and areas requiring attention to make an organization more lean and agile in their resource delivery. Whether this entails cleaning up an old Active Directory structure or understanding what systems and applications are running on your bandwidth, having visibility into your activity and resources is key in starting the move to a more agile environment. PC Professional’s NetDetect Assessment provides multiple modules to meet reporting needs ranging from: Security Assessments, Network Assessment, Compliance reporting to Asset Management Reports.

Technology Acquisition: Are legacy items straining your network? Can bottleneck removals and system upgrades improve overall user productivity and information access? Something as simple as replacing older 10/100 switches with gigabit ones or adding a NextGen firewall for traffic shaping and QoS can provide increased productivity and positive end user experience by leaps and bounds. For example, ,any times we see clients paying expensive ISP costs and throwing Mpbs upon Mpbs into their pipe due to their end users complaining about bandwidth. The reality is, the more bandwidth available, the quicker it will just keep getting consumed. By implementing new technology to help shape, control, monitor and track the bandwidth is a much wiser decision and much cheaper one at that.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting: We can safely say most everyone has a wish list when it comes technology needs. Whether it be getting faster PC’s running the latest operating system or getting a more manageable storage infrastructure that has disaster recovery capabilities, there always exists needs and wants that are never fully met. Proper budgeting and planning can help you achieve those acquisitions and rollouts. Depending on the need and technology available, many clients are surprised to learn that consolidating and strategic planning can actually deliver more for less. For example, existing Microsoft Office365 clients or ones who are exploring going there can leverage solutions like Skype of Business or Microsoft Sharepoint to foster streamlined communication and resource sharing and collaboration not just provide hosted Exchange email.

Security: I know we’ve hit this topic all throughout this year but we can’t stress enough how important it is to secure all layers of your network. Many people think that having a firewall as your perimeter defense is enough. What about the other windows and doors to your network? Playing defense is key with all the vulnerabilities and attacks hitting networks these days. Whether it’s the typical malware or ransomware, phishing, spam or direct network hacks, nothing impacts productivity more than a security vulnerability that takes your network down and compromises your data.

Policy and Procedures: Finally, having documented policies and procedures to ensure your data is secure and that employees are operating at maximum effective and efficient levels is prime in the goal to achieve success. Utilizing resources and technology within their approved capacities ensures you are in compliance to not only governmental laws but corporate governance as well. With all the balls moving in their proper direction, your business can make strides toward maximized efficiency and productivity.

Our goal here at PC Professional is to allow your organization to be the leader in your industry. At the end of the day, the success of our customers is a direct fruit of our effective planting. Engage with us today and lets grow together.

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