Managed IT Services Oakland : How can it benefit my business?

//Managed IT Services Oakland : How can it benefit my business?

Managed IT Services Oakland : How can it benefit my business?

Managed IT Services in Oakland

What is Managed IT Services and How it can benefit your Business.

In business, Time is of the Essence, and you cannot wait for technology to break or not work as required. A proactive approach to maintaining IT infrastructure and systems is the optimal way to maximize uptime for your business. Fortunately for businesses, Managed IT Services, has evolved and provides the levels of support, to provide IT related resources, as a utility to your end users. Managed IT Services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Whether that be full Managed IT Services or co-Managed IT Services, a customized program will provide the appropriate levels of support with a predictive, monthly cost.

In many cases, Managed IT Services are leveraged to assist clients with IT related services to address: IT items that they do not have time to do; that they do not have the appropriate skills to do; or simply items they do not want to do. These services present the opportunity to run a high-level IT department without having to hire staff with various skill sets and overhead costs to perform some frequent and infrequent service activities. The costs of employing a certified Microsoft system administrator or a Cisco network administrator are high. By partnering with the right company on Managed IT Services, you can have these skills available and provided on demand when needed. There are tangible, realized savings of 40-60% of overhead costs when partnering with the right Managed IT Services company.

If you have not yet thought of partnering with a Managed IT Services company, the time to do that is now. As we approach the budget season, it is an appropriate time to review forecasted costs for IT services and take a deeper look at ways to maximize system uptime while increasing end-user satisfaction. The right managed IT Services partner will provide you SLA (service level agreement) based services which afford 1 hour or less, remote end-user service response and the ability to have certified IT engineers on site either same or next business day.

When leveraged properly, Managed IT Services will increase your ability to respond to your end users, maintain your systems at an industry standard level, and save costs by providing a predictive monthly support program.

Written by,

Joe Santorsiero

Vice President of Strategic sales

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