Maximizing Your Dollar, OPEX Your Productivity Needs

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Maximizing Your Dollar, OPEX Your Productivity Needs

In the perfect world, every company would have a never ending bucket of money for technology and marketing so you always have the latest and greatest tools and streams to promote your business. Wake up call; in reality this is usually never the case even within the most profitable organizations around the world. So how do we maximize every dollar and creatively and strategically use every penny in the smartest way possible to have maximum business impact?


Our strategy at PC Professional is quite simple. Taking a vCIO approach in analyzing all your business needs and process helps us not only consolidate down processes that might be adding “more fat” to your workflow but we also take what would be traditional CAPEX costs into a OPEX expense so your initial investment doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Having been in business since 1981, we’ve seen just about everything in the unfolding and changing of technology. We can attest to  what works and doesn’t and what the impacts are to your environment. Whether it be cloud, hybrid or on premise, your solution delivery comes with our “34 Years of Business” validation seal.


For example, with Microsoft Server 2003 coming end of support July 14th, we are working with small and large companies to properly plan their course of action so they aren’t left vulnerable and out of compliance if their industry has governmental regulations. With that we are helping companies address overall information delivery to minimize manual time consuming workflows and develop more automated and template based processes so you don’t have to repeat the same things over and over again. Whether it’s leveraging Microsoft Sharepoint or other major applications for your industry, our approach has allowed businesses to significantly cut out wasted time in an effort to be more agile and efficient.


Our head, heart and hands approach takes into consideration what you the customer “thinks about” in your mind, “wants” in your heart and “tactically do” with your hands to promote bottom line productivity. Many times customers don’t realize they can really have what they want and have been thinking about by just taking a step back and analyzing their workflow to shave down and consolidate processes and/or solutions for that matter.


If you’re moving up the wrong productivity ladder, sometimes it makes sense to come down a step to move to the correct ladder. The road to productivity is easier said than done, we understand this, but sometimes you need a little downtime to gain more uptime.

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