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Remote Response

Providing cutting-edge technologies, installed and properly managed by experienced IT engineers.

Through our remote response service, our IT engineers can take care of an issue without having to come onsite, saving you time and money. Our skilled IT help desk is the first method of response. We note your issue via email or phone and troubleshoot the problem. Then one of our IT engineers will remote on, take over your computer, and resolve the issue.

  • You request service via email or phone call to (510) 874 – 5864.
  • An IT engineer will troubleshoot the issue, remote on, and take over your computer.
  • We resolve the issue and explain the solution.
  • Expertise in hardware and software applications


Benefits of Remote Response

  • Reduced costs
  • Immediate response and service with no need to wait for an engineer to arrive onsite
  • Secure remoting process with an option to observe as the IT engineer solves the issue
  • Remote tech support service available anywhere
  • Fast turnaround on request