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IT Disaster Recovery

Think beyond your data. Stay proactive.

PC Professional helps develop the proper IT Disaster Recovery Plan that will help reduce the threat of disaster recovery time. The longer your network is inoperable, the more you stand to lose man-hours and revenue. Don’t be caught off guard by disastrous IT incidents without an appropriate data backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

Designing an IT Disaster Recovery Plan that is customized to your business will help your business be prepared for any type of disaster scenario.PC Professional has a proven track record of implementing IT disaster recovery plans for our clients, and our experience allows us to craft a custom plan for your business.


Common IT Disasters:

  • Data Loss
  • Hardware Failure
  • Software Corruption
  • Human Error
  • Viruses & Malware
  • Unforeseen Threats
  • Intrusion
  • Lost Internet Connection
  • Theft


  • Offsite Storage
  • Remote Office
  • Regular Testing

Steps to Recovery:

  • Consultation: Work with our technical team to develop a data recovery plan to protect your computer network and technologies.
  • Proactive Tracking: Once a definite disaster recovery plan is in place, our technical team will closely monitor as new software and hardware solutions are installed.
  • Wide Scope of Service: Our technical team understands solutions across different platforms, enabling us to recover your OS, servers, and data in a fast and effective manner.
  • Testing: Regular testing of data backup is completed to confirm that your servers and backup solutions are fully functioning in case of failure.