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Why Data Breaches Are Partly Our Own Fault

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You hear a lot in the news about data breaches exposing tens or hundreds of thousands of records, costing companies millions of dollars. And yet, the sad truth is that nearly half of it is our own fault. According to a recent study, human errors and system glitches were responsible [...]

Cloud Consulting Services from PC Professional

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We provide a wide range of IT consulting services at PC Professional. One of our specialties is cloud consulting — helping your organization migrate its operations to the cloud. We work with you to create and implement a plan that meets your needs today and prepares you for a rapidly changing [...]

Is Your Business Prepared for the Internet of Things?

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Is Your Business Prepared for the Internet of Things? The things are coming. In many homes and offices, they’re already here. As the Internet expands to engulf nearly every type of device, no longer just computers and smartphones, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the coming wave in computing that’s [...]

Total IT Regulatory Compliance with Microsoft Azure & Office 365

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In our world of big data, complying with privacy and data use regulations can become a tangled mess. The rapid spread of privacy and cybersecurity threats has spawned a generation of local, national, and international regulations on how personal data may be stored and transmitted. Regulations may set out requirements [...]

The Best Office 365 Productivity Apps (You’re Probably Not Using)

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Word. Excel. PowerPoint. These familiar, powerful desktop applications have been Microsoft’s calling card since the 1980s. In 1990, the three were released together in a bundle called Microsoft Office. Flash forward 30 years. Today, Microsoft Office 365 integrates nearly two dozen apps in a productivity suite that lets people work [...]

Computing at the Edge with Azure IoT Edge

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Your smartphone is not just your phone. It’s also your TV, library, post office, and grocery store — not to mention your notebook, fitness and finance tracker, weather tracker, alarm clock, home movie maker, and too many more things to list. And it may be your office. Today, remote workers [...]

10 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Security Today

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Less than a decade after the debut of the smartphone in 2007, more people used mobile devices than computers to access the internet for the first time. In the 12 years (yes, that’s all!) since the first iPhone landed in our hands, mobile computing has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s [...]

Harness the Power of Microsoft Teams

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In March 2017, Microsoft rolled out Teams, a chat-based workspace available for free through Office 365. In doing so, the company tackled head-on the booming market for group messaging applications. Slack has led that market in a space that includes Google (of course), Facebook, Cisco, and others. Now, Microsoft Teams [...]