Tango With Win10

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Tango With Win10

Finally you got all those Windows XP systems out of your environment and onto Windows 7 Pro, but as countless would say to the dismay of many, Windows 7 is now officially middle aged being almost 6 years old this July. Mainstream support has already ended as of January 13th, 2015 so as we sway into extended support many are torn and also curious as to what’s next in the world of personal computing.


So there’s been tons of hype around Windows 10 and how “Cortana’s got your back” but in the world of business, what’s it to me in investing in Win10 technology?  We already know the benefits of Win8.1 over XP and Win7 with their notable boot times, default enterprise features such WindowsToGo and security settings like BitLocker. Not to mention the long awaited return of the start button and the ability to skip the Metro view entirely and go straight into desktop-which definitely has increased followers from the pains of transitioning to Win8. So what’s Win10 about? Average business users tend to skip a generation so what can the Win7 users of the world expect out of Win10?


Here are some key features/facts to consider:

  • Always updated: Microsoft automatically sends updates to your device when they’re ready, no more questioning if your system is patched or not.
  • Window familiarity: the actual start menu (not button) is back, hooray! It even has real estate to pin your favorite apps, you can’t live without those!
  • Conquer the web: Project Spartan is an all new browser built to deliver a better web experience. What the heck does that mean right? You can write directly write onto webpages from your system, read articles without annoying distractions, and save favorite sites to read offline later.
  • Universal Apps: with apps virtually controlling our lifestyles today, the store in Windows 10 will be a one-stop shop for thousands upon thousands of apps including new versions of Office. Uber, Microsoft Office and Amazon, my world is complete.
  • Can’t forget the gamers! Windows 10 and Xbox unite, it’s even pre-loaded, woot woot!


Until Microsoft forces us to world of unknown most businesses will hold on tight until the dawn of Jan 14th, 2020 when extended support ends or their PC decides to end its life,  but from the looks of it Win10 seems like it’s a combination of familiarity and innovation packaged into a very robust operating system.

If you are a derring-do, you can get the Windows 10 Technical Preview here at the Windows Insider Program page.


It takes two to tango so we’ll see you there!

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