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onsite & Remote Services


Keeping your IT Network run efficiently requires a combination of the site and remote technical support. We provide customer service to triage your technical issue then respond remotely or onsite depending on the results. To be successful we dedicate a team to both understand your business and document your network. Our onsite technical support team response immediately to control virus outbreaks and to keep your employees productive. Our vast knowledge of new and legacy technology results in quick customer service and technical support.

PC Professional is the one stop shop for all your IT and technical support needs. Our highly trained and certified Engineers are experienced in dealing with a wide variety newer and legacy technology. We have the ability to respond either remotely or onsite to address your IT issues, allowing us to adapt to your organizational needs.

Our Onsite and Remote Services are:

  • Malware and Ransomware removal
  • Combine onsite rapid response with remote customer service
  • Technical Support for private and Public Cloud Computing
  • Technical Support for email, spam filtering, management and control
  • Emergency Technical Support for security issues
  • Provide quick help desk support for your employee technical issues
  • Troubleshooting of technical issues relative to wireless and internet access speed issues
  • Provide tech support to identify internet traffic for your employees
  • Quick customer support for resolving issues surrounding network onsite and remote access
  • File server crashes
  • Projects
  • Break/Fix
  • VOIP


  • Extends your customer service for your employees without hiring a full time IT support staff
  • Access to a large pool of IT support both onsite and remote. Vast support for all major manufacturers of technology applications
  • Peace of mind: remote technical support available for real time support for your employees
  • Over 36 years of providing onsite and remote support for everything IT.
  • Onsite and remote tech support available.
  • Access to a pool of highly skilled and certified IT Engineers.
  • Over 36 years of IT Experience.
  • Peace of mind, help is just phone call or email away.

Malware/Ransomware Removal

Ransomware is a tool user by criminals to load malicious code on your network in an attempt to extract a ransom to allow you access to your data. Ransomware works by encrypting your files with a code requiring a key to unlock. The ransomware can be loaded via email attachments, access sites and download files on through other users’ devices.

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Malware/Ransomware Removal Tech Support
Technical Support for IT Disaster Recovery

IT Disaster Recovery

Think beyond your data. Stay proactive.

PC Professional helps develop the proper IT Disaster Recovery Plan that will help reduce the threat of disaster recovery time. The longer your network is inoperable, the more you stand to lose man-hours and revenue.

Don’t be caught off guard by disastrous IT incidents without an appropriate data backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Designing an IT Disaster Recovery Plan that is customized to your business will help your business be prepared for any type of disaster scenario.

PC Professional has a proven track record of implementing IT disaster recovery plans for our clients, and our experience allows us to craft a custom plan for your business.

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PC Professional has proudly completed thousands of IT projects for our customers over the years. Our technical support approach is simple: start by developing a sound project plan with a defined scope and milestones. We then turn it over to our highly skilled project team to execute the project according to your timeframe and budget.

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Technical Support for IT Projects


Computer Repair Assess. Diagnose. Propose Solution. Implement. Support.
PC Professional’s IT engineers are trained to assess the situation, diagnose the problem, propose a solution that works best for your company, implement the fix, and provide continuous support.
When onsite, your company’s processes, deployed technologies, hardware and software will be analyzed for functionality and to quickly diagnose problems.


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PC Professional offers full end-to-end unified Voice over IPcommunications solutions, allowing you to focus on productivity and collaboration while reducing costs.
PC Professional uses a blended architecture approach to combine small footprint premises hardware with redundant cloud hosted data centers to provide a robust, managed, fully monitored system with the features and call quality businesses demand.

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VOIP Tech Support