The 180 Degree Turn

//The 180 Degree Turn

The 180 Degree Turn


At this point every company has had to deal with workers bringing their own devices and accessing business resources via that device. With the world trending toward mobile devices and Internet based programs and applications, the role of many CIO’s and IT Directors have changed to a more employee driven demand vs one where the keys to the kingdom have been traditionally kept close. This 180 degree shift has shown an increased amount of Cloud based implementations and with corporate technology spending this year estimated to hit $3.77 trillion, according to Gartner, Inc, that spend is geared toward mobile computing and the Cloud.


Instead of fighting to be a control freak, many IT managers are adopting to the change and allowing for more of a flexible environment where employees are allowed to experiment with technology as long as security and spending is controlled. What does this allow for? It promotes employee tested and validated resources for companywide implementations, more corporate wide collaboration with IT, and more exposure to trending technology pertinent to your industry.


Long gone are the days where IT hands down a resource and mandates its use. With direct marketing targeted toward the individual users, cloud computing choices seem to be dominating the marketplace. The ability to access business resources and work from any place, whether that be your home, a café or cubicle is attractive to the mobile workforce and the traditional corporate individual.


The key here is to monitor proper usage and be able to keep track of what’s going on. This also gives insight into popular programs and tools that can be ultimately rolled out companywide. There are industries such as financial and healthcare where regulations and compliances demand more control and lockdown but for the rest of us, being a server hoarder is proving to become less impactful for the overall business.  Modern day businesses don’t need to hug their servers anymore, whether it’s sitting in a datacenter or up in AWS or Azure, the focus is on modernization and innovation.


Instead of being a parent who locks down their teen making them more rebellious, open up the round table and allow for open communication and testing. Knowing what’s going on will allow you to hang on to your influence and allow your company to stay in step with technology changes. Are you ready to start Cloud-ing?

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