To Cloud or Not to Cloud- That is The Question.

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud- That is The Question.

Since the days of pop mail, technology consumers have been utilizing what we call Cloud technology longer than we know it. In the business world, employees bringing their own mobile devices to work is not only compelling but forcing many CIO’s and IT management staff to embrace the Cloud.

Internet based applications and mobile device usage is changing the way technology is evaluated and adopted into an organization. Employee led technology adoption is rising due to the direct marketing of these Cloud based solutions to individual users. Instead of trying to prevent these types of absorption, many technology managers are embracing their end users’ needs and therefore positioning themselves in a much more strategic role compared to the traditional CIO/IT Manager who owned just a stack of servers in their closet.


With that said, small to medium sized businesses are hugely benefiting from this change in paradigm as well. The costly solutions of the Enterprise world can actually be consumed in a OPEX manner giving the SMB market an opportunity to test, drive and implement technological advances and tools that previously required a huge upfront CAPEX price tag. The name of the game is productivity and every company across all industries are looking for ways to make themselves more agile, effective and efficient at what they do. Whether a company has needs around compliances and regulations, simply need to empower their mobile workforce, or needs a faster way to transmit data across individuals or sites, Cloud based technology and virtual hosting services has its benefits.


How many times have we all seen articles on the next best mobile APP? Whether it’s CloudOn to run your Microsoft Office suite on your tablet, Barracuda Message Archiver Companion to managed your archived mailed, or a custom developed APP, there seems to be a Cloud based APP for almost everything we can possible think of.


Not everyone will put everything in the Cloud but exploring what processes and technologies would benefit from a Cloud, or hybrid Cloud topology can lend huge benefits in boosting your business workflow. We have seen time and time again the productivity growth in customers who sit down and perform this exercise of evaluating their workflow and technology layout. An open mind to what the Cloud can offer is a great start in heading toward the path for increased productivity.

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