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Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO – A team of experts (develop) come together to develop a total support solution for all your technology needs.

  • Utilize a team of experts to develop, implement and support all your technology needs.
  • Combined years of IT consulting experience to deploy the best of breed strategy
  • Reduce cost associated with supporting technology needs
  • Receive all the benefits of a company CIO without the additional cost (CIO Salary)
  • All your systems are being managed by industry experienced professionals.
  • Gives you access to an on-call technology advisor… to bounce questions, concerns and strategies

Virtual CIO Team of Experts:

Site Assessment

  • Run software tool to audit all levels of existing network systems
  • Document current environment
  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Audit list of users and then level of access
  • Assess Disaster Protection Plan and data protection/backup systems
  • Asses protection for all points of access

Strategic Planning

  • Recommend plan to match technology with business needs
  • Create timeline for development and implementing technology enhancement
  • Continue to refer back to adjust plan to meet changing business needs

Security and Compliance

  • Continue to monitor and implement enhanced security system to protect all access points and critical business data
  • Consulting for necessary industry compliance requirements
  • Ongoing training for user policy’s to prevent virus attacks

IT Management

  • Develop a partnership to provide ongoing recommendations on technology needs
  • Provide guidance for day to day management of technology deployment including security, data retention, security and helpdesk
  • Guide HR policies regarding the use of technology

Cloud Deployment of Solutions

  • Develop strategy for using the Cloud to host, store and share data needed by work force
  • Manage deployment / migrations to the Cloud
  • Provide ongoing managed services to keep access to Cloud solutions secure and accessible

Converged infrastructure

  • Develop and deploy an infrastructure of network firewalls, network switches, VOIP, WiFi, and centralized managed and supported
  • Redundant access to important applications

Application Development

  • Develop Cloud and on premise solutions for workflow enhancements
  • Utilize Microsoft SharePoint to collaborate in the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Solutions
  • Microsoft SharePoint experts


  • Day to Day remote and onsite support from local IT experts
  • SLA response
  • Proactive monitor network
  • Develop expert knowledge of your network

Staff overview

  • All resources are employees not consultors
  • Local resources supporting local companies
  • No support is outsourced overseas
  • Producing support to the Bay Area for the past 36 years
  • Small business focused