In the coming weeks, you and your team are likely taking some well-deserved holiday time off. For many business owners or executives, it may be tough to completely take a break as your thoughts turn back to the business.

To put your mind at ease, here are three things to do before you go.

  1. Set up autoresponders for your work phone and e-mailYour clients, coworkers, or business associates may not know you’re out of the office. They could be reaching out about an urgent matter that needs a prompt reply. Setting up an e-mail autoresponder and updating your voicemail could help avoid unnecessary delays.Make sure to include a contact number or e-mail for urgent requests.

    Set a reminder to update your voicemail and remove the autoresponder from your mailbox.

    How to set up your E-mail Autoresponder:
    Microsoft Outlook
    iCloud (Apple)

  1. Update your office hours on your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)Google provides an option to set holiday hours. This allows you to make temporary changes to your business hours, specifically during vacations or holidays.Many people rely on Google to get up-to-date information on businesses. Be sure to let Google know if you plan to close or reduce your hours during the holidays. There’s nothing more frustrating for a prospective client than traversing the holiday traffic across town only to find that the business is not open. It only takes a minute (or less) to update the holiday hours on your Google Business Profile.

    Google also sends out a reminder e-mail to the account admin to get the updated information. Don't know who the admin is? You can update the business hours right now. Follow the instructions here

  1. Back up your company data!Did you know? Every year, over 250,000 properties experience flooding from burst water pipes. Most incidents happen during winter months. Imagine returning to the office to find your devices dipped in six inches of water (or ice)! There are many other reasons why all your company computers and data should have a backup off-site. Accidental deletion, physical theft, or ransomware attack - just to name a few more.Bottomline: make sure that your data is backed up. If you're not 100% certain, we can help. Our IT support team at PC Professional implements cost-effective data backup and recovery solutions for our Bay Area clients. More info about ProVault - data backup and recovery here.

    Schedule a complimentary call with one of our IT consultants. We'll ask a few questions to determine if your data is secure and backed up. Otherwise, we can recommend solutions to get this done fast.

    We hope these quick tips will put you more at ease and help you enjoy your holiday time off. You and your team deserve a break. Relax, recharge and enjoy the Holidays with your loved ones!

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