Surviving Ransomware

When we were hit by a ransomware attack, PC Pro helped us get back onto our feet. Despite being on Windows 7, and using some servers and computers that were so old they were no longer in production, PC Pro still managed to restore most of our data.

Not only did they immediately take action to stop the attack from spreading, PC Pro even worked together with us to upgrade out hardware, and installed new security measures that made our old system seem almost nonexistent in comparison. We're now set up with a disaster recovery plan thanks to PC Pro, and they offer us training on how to spot and stop threats in the future.

It was a tough lesson to learn, but PC Pro made sure we actually survived to see another day.

Metal Fabrication Co – CEO CEO
Metal Fabrication Co

Helping a Non-Profit Give Back

PC Pro completely upgraded our system! Before we were struggling to respond to clients in a timely manner, and felt like it was time to get some outside help. PC Pro did a thorough assessment of our entire system, from hardware to even how we documented tickets. They helped our entire organization move to Office 365, set up and installed an agency-wide VoIP, upgraded security, and made sure that sensitive client data could be safely stored and backed up in the Cloud.

We now get weekly visits from them, and their helpdesk is only a call away for any employee, meaning that with our streamlined system we can give more back to the community, without fighting our own technology.

Non-Profit – Executive Director Executive Director

Bringing Order Back to Our Servers

The PC Pro team came in to fix up our server room. They cleaned it up and organized it; now the electricians can actually do their work!

Local Credit Union – CEO CEO
Local Credit Union

Helpful & Efficient!

After a consultation and an assessment for our company, PC Pro got us exactly all the security, hardware, and CRM we needed. They even helped out by researching the current software and hardware we had at the time. Their team figured out how we could make our entire network more efficient, actually increasing our productivity while we upgraded.

Large Pharmaceutical Company – IT Department IT Department
Large Pharmaceutical Company

Successful County Revamp

PC Pro assisted in a county-wide revamp, overseeing 2 billion in construction and facility management. After their assessment, they figured out that the best system for us was SharePoint, so that we could automate the data sharing needed for a critical project.

Today, all employees can access and share data in real time from any device, which has resulted in huge savings and a big boost in productivity. PC Pro is now our lead IT consultant, working together with our department for the county.

Local County Local County

PC Pro is one of the first IT companies that I’ve worked with, and having someone knowledgeable that I can easily reach out to on a daily basis makes my life way easier!

While it was great getting our previous outsourced help pro-bono, he was a one-man shop that wasn’t always available to us for the growing needs of our organization. With PC Pro, we get a same day response for any issues, and that very responsive service is what would make me recommend them to anyone on the fence about PC Professional!


Jennifer Grant  Director of Finance & Operations
SF LGBT Center

Responsive With a Focus on the Details!

Our cancer research institute has been engaged with PC Professional on an exclusive basis for more than 25 years. Through them, we were able to obtain non-profit email services with Office 365. These services are available for any employee to use from either a computer or a cell phone at a very reasonable fee. PC Professional was instrumental in obtaining the most favorable monthly rate from Microsoft. Our cloud backups were set up by PC Pro, making the entire process hands-off for our office staff, and having them handle maintenance as well saves us a fortune in costly fees for appliances and backup services that are difficult to maintain by ourselves.

Compared to other IT firms I’ve worked with in the past, PC Pro has very responsive, personalized service, and professional, friendly staff who always work within our schedules. The techs are deeply engaged with our projects, and they follow-up on every issue until a solution is found. Also, they can do many services remotely, which saves everyone time and money. We could not be more pleased with our long-term relationship. PC Pro has made our IT no longer an obstacle for the real work that we dedicated to accomplish in cancer research.

After 30 years of doing business with PC Professional, I have never needed to find better service, more helpful techs, or more reasonable costs.

Barry B. Siegel President
Bay Area Tumor Institute

Trusted Experts

HKIT has been thankful for PC Professional this year for its quick response, its depth of network expertise, and its continued strategy for our computing needs.

Jeff Evans Principal
HKIT Architects

Peace of Mind & Flexibility

PC Pro’s ability to efficiently scale up and down is one of the biggest benefits we’ve gotten working with them. When things get really busy, I’m able to call up my amazing account rep Joe who makes sure that engineers get on the schedule to come out and assist. When it gets slower, we scale back visits for cost savings. Due to great working and documentation, there is little to no learning curve when things scale back up. They come ready to get the job done!

Their reliability is also a huge plus for us. When someone from PC Professional arrives, they get the job done. I normally have a specific and important task/project, or a long to do list, and I give them the details, with the peace of mind that everything will be done correctly. I have worked with many of the Engineers at PC Professional, and everyone has experience getting things done in today’s rapidly changing technical world. The account reps know the Engineers strengths and always find the appropriate person to accomplish any task in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Bryan Soots Blume Global
Systems Administrator