Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Protect your data before a disaster occurs with ProVault, PC Professional's most-trusted business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution for San Francisco Bay Area organizations.

Do you have a business continuity plan in place for your office data in case of a natural disaster, server crash, ransomware, cyber attack, or data-erasing mishaps? Do you know how quickly your office can be up and running again if this happens?

A lot of businesses and organizations do not have a business continuity plan in place to ensure efficient backup and restoration of their data. Among those with a plan, only a handful review, update, and test them as often as needed.

While we recognize the importance of having a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, it is very common to downplay its urgency and prioritize the more pressing issues that directly results in return in investment.

Why do you need Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity?

1. Plan for Unexpected Events

  • Natural/environmental disasters
  • Physical theft or ransomware attack, hacks, viruses, other malware
  • Employee accidental tampering or deletion by employees

2. Safeguard and Defend Your Business

  • Maintain trust and reliability in managing sensitive client data and employee information
  • Modernize your business by implementing critical protections that meet the latest data protection standards and best practices
  • Pro-actively protect your data, network, and other IT systems before a disaster occurs

3. Recover Fast with Peace of Mind

  • Access to certified IT support experts who can quickly recover your data
  • Have peace of mind knowing you have a plan for business continuity in the event of a disaster or cyber incident

Don’t be tomorrow’s Headline.

Prevention costs a lot less than the antidote.  The direct and indirect consequences of a single incident, such as loss of confidentiality, availability, or integrity, may be hard to recover from. Your reputation, your money, and your business are on the line. The growth and sophistication of ransomware and cyber-attacks have grown exponentially.

What is ProVault?

ProVault is PC Professional's highest-rated hybrid data backup and recovery solution with backup monitoring and resolution.

This should be an essential part of your continuity of operations plan. Getting ahead of the game and having peace of mind knowing you’ve planned for the worst-case scenario. That means you can confidently focus on what’s important – taking your business to the next level.

ProVault Features

Crises such as data breaches, crashes, and ransomware are easily recoverable. You can relax knowing you have a disaster recovery plan and a team of IT services experts who are ready to help.

ProVault is the most reliable hybrid data backup system composed of two types of storage: local and cloud. Read more about this below.

Premium backup speeds guarantee your data will always be protected and recoverable.

Customized and unlimited data storage that accommodates the size of your business as it changes over time

Our most-trusted IT services team is proactive in monitoring your system as well as detecting & taking action on any abnormal activity. We are committed to providing fast and efficient help desk IT support and hands-on engineer expertise.

Hybrid Data Backup

ProVault is a hybrid data storage and recovery solution, meaning it utilizes both the cloud and a local network to backup critical information.

1. Off-Site Security
Backup happens on a cloud-based server connected through the internet, protecting your data if local storage fails due to a natural disaster or theft.

2. Scalable Storage
Most cloud backup companies cannot accommodate massive storage accounts. With our installation of ProVault, you will receive Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service that can scale up to meet high data demands.

1. Use Anywhere
Your data will have a central access point to retrieve information, even remotely. A Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is utilized for its ease of use and rich feature set.

2. Automatic Recovery
Backups automatically reciprocate across multiple drives. That means if one of them crashes, you can quickly recover using another drive.

3. Available Offline
Data is accessible offline, allowing it to update more frequently, regardless of your WiFi signal or router speed. In the event of a failed internet connection or power outage, data from your local storage will remain intact.

Don’t leave your organization exposed to data loss, ransomware, hacks, or accidental tampering. Through loss prevention measures, your business is protected in case of natural disasters, unexpected data crashes, and cyber attacks. We can help with backup and restoration and other business continuity-related IT services. We also offer a performance audit of your current data backup and recovery.


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