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Who We Serve

We have extensive experience working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Most of our clients have 20 to 250 workstations, and who find their servers, computers, emails, network, and internet vital for daily operations. Our clients have specialized line of business applications, ERP software, or automation networks that they use to run their business and rely heavily on that software being operational.

We also serve companies who have an Internal IT Team and rely on their partnership with PC Professional for IT Security Services, Systems Engineering, IT Management Toolsets, and Project Work.

Our Clients

We Work Best With Companies Who:

  • Believe security it paramount.
  • Want high-touch communication with their IT partner.
  • Understand that to get good outcomes, being documentation and process-driven is a necessity.
  • Want an IT Partner who sits on the same side of the table as YOU, helping you make the best choices for your business, not just the cheapest solution.
  • You'd like to enable your employees to work remotely.
  • Are expanding and growing and need to know the technology and costs involved in achieving your goals.

If this is you, call us today! We strive to answer our phones LIVE so you can speak to a real person.