We Are PC Professional, Inc.

PC Professional was founded in 1981 out of CEO, Dan Sanguinetti's apartment in Oakland, CA . What started as a one-man computer shop quickly grew into a full-fledged computer service operation due to the new rise in demand for computers and computer expertise at the time. Now established in downtown Oakland, we are one of the most experienced IT service providers in the Bay Area with 40 years of implementing information technology for small businesses under our belt.

While we have dedicated ourselves to constantly adapting our business to the growing and ever-changing world of technology, what remains as a founding principle is our dedication to serving with integrity. PC Professional's business model does not use binding contracts. Instead, we believe your business should be earned day after day, year after year. If at any point you are unsatisfied, we support your choice to make any changes you see fit. Ultimately, your business goals should come before ours, and we believe you should be in the driver's seat of your IT world.

With four decades of providing IT services to small to medium sized businesses across the San Francisco Bay Area, we have illustrated an investment in community. Our decision to work with small to medium sized business comes from our love for working directly with people and making an impact immediately. We believe that providing great IT is the backbone to enabling your businesses and the communities you serve to thrive.


PC Professional, Inc. delivers cutting-edge IT services with on-site and remote technical support. We transform small-to-midsize businesses, non-profit organizations and their communities by providing the secure data infrastructure needed for protection, productivity, and peace of mind.


Our vision is to be the leading IT service provider in the San Francisco Bay Area for small to midsize businesses and non-profits. Through our dedication to providing the latest IT technology and security, we envision a future where all businesses are protected and prosperous.