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Are you considering IT infrastructure outsourcing? When choosing an IT outsourcing company, look for a technology expert that will guide and assist on every aspect of your IT.  Our highly experienced tech team at PC Professional takes a holistic and proactive approach.  We provide recommendations and assistance on purchasing new hardware and software, remote management, and on-site engineer work.

In addition, we can also serve as your IT department, supplementing short-handed staff and offering subcontracting services that suit your current needs. At PC Professional, we strive to make sure that your IT helps your organization be the best it can be!

IT Outsourcing for San Francisco Bay Area Businesses and Nonprofits

We oversee the overall operational effectiveness of your organization by examining key components, including but not limited to routers, firewalls, servers, user devices/computers, data storage, software, processes, policies, staff training, and cloud, services.

We manage the details of each project and the steps required to make sure it gets done so you don't have to.

Our remote monitoring team gathers the health status of your devices, networks, and computers with activity reports and automates scheduled maintenance tasks.

Clients can submit any ticket items through the client portal on our website, which automatically creates a ticket for our team to address and escalates issues to the appropriate personnel to handle. We are very quick to respond to all ticket items.

We provide routine checkups on your PCs, network, printers, and other hardware to make sure devices are running smoothly.

Security audits are customized based on your IT infrastructure. They are important to verify the effectiveness of your strategy, clean up and reduce costs of any unnecessary hardware or software, check on your organization's compliance regulations, and more.

We check to make sure your data is set up for successful recovery and transfer with a specific data backup/archive operation.

We have excellent user support and customer service! Whether you need us to fix an IT-related issue remotely or on-site, we will do everything we can to make sure your end users get the help and resources they need.

Is IT Outsourcing right for you?

If you’re trying to grow an organization or a business, but IT is delaying (or even preventing) that process.  It might be time to outsource.  High turnover of IT personnel and constantly needing to find specialized IT help can be signs that techs are overworked.  In this situation, working with a local IT outsourcing company might be a good choice for your firm.  PC Professional, an IT outsourcing company in San Francisco Bay Area, can help fill the IT skills gap that your organization needs to thrive.

Its team has been the preferred outsourced IT support in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and the rest of the Bay Area.  The IT firm's expertise and 40+ years of experience enable its team to handle technical tasks efficiently and address any IT issues. See what our clients say about us.

3 Key Benefits of Outsourced IT

1. Reduce Stress (and Burnout) at Work

IT Outsourcing takes the unnecessary work stress off employees' backs, especially when remote service and 24/7 helpdesk support are only a call away. Reduced stress and burnout keep turnover low and morale high.

2. Saves You Time and Money

IT-related disruptions impact productivity and work momentum in more ways than we realize. Reduced productivity and earning opportunities are costly. On top of that, hiring and maintaining a capable in-house IT department can take away company resources year after year. On the other hand, you can spend the savings you get from having outsourced IT support on meaningful projects to grow your business. Moreover, you don’t have to agonize over hard payroll decisions like cutting employee benefits.


3. Focus resources on core competencies

Smaller organizations are often stretched thin from a personnel and budget viewpoint. Many SMBs and nonprofit organizations outsource their IT based on their unique needs. For instance, a ten person firm with no in-house IT team will require a different level of IT support from a 100-person company with a dedicated IT staff.  However, organizations will benefit from adopting partial or fully managed IT services.   

Outsourcing ALL or SOME of the time-consuming and costly IT tasks to a local managed IT service provider will enable you to free up some business resources.  This way, your team can focus on your core competencies and goal as an organization. This is particularly useful in IT project outsourcing.

These are just some ways that working with an IT outsourcing company in the San Francisco Bay Area can keep everyone happy and working on the stuff that matters.

Want to know more about how IT Outsourcing can help you?

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Should Your Company Outsource IT?

Key factors to help you decide what’s best for your company

Many SMBs and nonprofits benefit from Outsourced IT support. To save time and resources, organizations with in-house IT staff also work with managed service providers for IT projects outsourcing. Bay Area managed IT services providers like PC Professional deliver the technical expertise small businesses need at a much lower cost than hiring and training an entire IT staff.

It’s no surprise that nearly 70% SMBs work with a managed service provider for some or all of their IT support needs. There are many considerations for SMBs thinking about moving (some of) their IT to another company.

We put together the key factors to help you decide what’s best for your company.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Open the door for a productive working relationship!


"The best thing PC Professional gives us is peace of mind. We know they will always be there to support us. Compared to other IT firms, I can say with confidence they have the best Tech Support/Customer Service – they’re always available when needed. If you’re thinking about working with PC Professional, you are making the right decision. You will be opening the door for a productive and great working relationship. Give them a call today!"

portrait of IT manager of Mi Rancho IT/MIS - Manager Food Manufacturing

Peace of mind. You will be in excellent hands.


"The best benefit about working with PC Professional is peace of mind knowing that our network is secure and taken care of. That’s priceless. PC Professional is better than other IT firms because they really care about building a relationship with their client.

They put me at ease and never fail to provide a solution. If you’re on the fence about choosing PC Professional, jump over the fence quick. You will be in excellent hands! You can even contact me at if you have questions or want to discuss further. I love working with you guys! Rick is my guy!"

Director of Information Technology - Veteran Nonprofit

Always Willing to Help at a Moment's Notice


"Being a single staff IT office for a large campus, I’m relieved I can call Matt, Gary, and Cohberg and they are always willing to give me the support I need at a moment’s notice. Unlike other IT firms, PC Professional always demonstrates they have a really great team. When I need their help, they can jump to each other’s jobs easily to get it done. If you’re still trying to decide on if you should hire PC Professional, I would say to work with them for a minimum of 3 months. I promise you will be so happy with your service that you will not want to go with another IT firm. "

Director of Information Technology - Youth Nonprofit

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